Financial Assistance


Do you need help with costs for travel, accommodation and staff backfill to attend a DV-alert workshop?

DV-alert is government funded, so there is no cost for eligible participants to attend the course. 
If you need financial support to travel to the course location and accommodation, we can help.


What are financial assistance payments?

Financial assistance payments assist:

  • DV-alert participants with travel and accommodation costs
  • Employers to support their staff in developing their knowledge and skills on domestic violence response through staff backfill


What are the requirements to get financial assistance?

In order for students to receive financial assistance they must be/have:

  • Enrolled in a DV-alert workshop, i.e. General, Indigenous or Multicultural workshop. Not applicable to E-Learning or Tailored workshop participants
  • Employed in a workplace that is in a location classified as regional or remote according to
  • Travelling more than 50 kilometres from their place of work to attend a workshop in a regional or remote location
  • Travelling more than 100 kilometres from their place of work to attend a workshop in a metropolitan location
  • An Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia
  • Currently employed or volunteer as a health, allied health or community frontline worker
  • Attended the two full days of the workshop and completed all assessment tasks

Download the Financial Assistance Guidelines

Who is NOT eligible for financial assistance?

Students are not eligible for Financial Assistance if they are attending the workshop as:

  • An employee or volunteer of Lifeline
  • An employee or volunteer not working in the health, allied health or community sector
  • A participant whose workplace is in a metropolitan area
  • A participant wanting to travel when there is a workshop available within 50 kilometres of the student's place of work
  • Enrolled in a tailored workshop, awareness session or e-Learning
  • Students who are self-employed

Only registered and approved participants can apply for financial assistance

Please note that incomplete or illegible forms will not be considered and all expenses must be paid upfront by the participant or employer before a claim can be processed

DV-alert forms part of the Women’s Safety Agenda and is an initiative financially supported by the Department of Social Services

For enquiries and application submissions, email

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