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DV-alert is a nationally-run accredited training program that enables health, allied health and frontline workers to:

Recognise signs of domestic and family violence

Respond with appropriate care

Refer to appropriate support services


DV-alert is specifically designed to build the capacities of health, allied health and frontline workers who come in contact with people at risk of or experiencing domestic and family violence to provide the best possible support and referral. 

DV-alert is available in various methods:

  • General Face-to-Face Workshops involve attending a 2-day participatory workshop, interacting with participants in small work groups, completing a workbook, skills assessment, and receiving a final call from the trainer as part of the assessment. Face-to-face workshops are held across all states and territories to encourage more health, allied health and community support workers to enrol in the course. 
  • Indigenous Face-to-Face Workshops are specifically designed for health, allied health and community support workers working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous workers are welcome to enrol.
  • E-Learning is an 18-hour online course over a period of 6  to 8 weeks and involves downloading and reading online materials, working through lessons, and completing assessment questions. A qualified trainer is available to support online participants throughout the course, assess answers to the workbook and provide feedback to participants. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a final call from the trainer as part of the assessment. 
  • Awareness Sessions are 2 hour sessions conducted by Lifelilne Centres to meet the needs of communities, specific groups and organisations around the issue of domestic and family violence.
  • Tailored workshops are a two-day DV-alert workshop held for individual organisations who request for a training specifically for their staff (minimum of 10 staff). Delivering tailored workshops is another way for Lifeline to bring the DV-alert program to as many organisations across the country directly working with families and communities.